Wow Your Date in Rochester New York


Although it doesn’t have the scale of New York City, Rochester is still worth a date night, a date week or even a date month! With a range of beautiful natural landscapes, a buzzing nightlife and luxury accommodation in the guise of the Rochester Riverside Hotel, there is still plenty to explore and enjoy, whether your partner is a spouse or first date. We know that it’s hard to please everyone, especially on a date, one person’s idea of romance may very well not be another’s. That’s why it’s always a good idea to try a range of activities out, whatever city you’re in, and with the range of activities available in Rochester, you’ll both be spoilt for choice. Below are just some of the great romantic retreats in Rochester, as well as some of the great activities that will keep you coming back time and time again.

Lamberton Conservatory

Based IN Rochester, the Highland Park and Lamberton Conservatory is one of the best historical sites in the city, giving visitors a wide range of luscious plant life from across the world, all held in beautiful renovated conservatories. Dating back to the 1880’s, the park is home to Japanese Maples, magnolias, Laurel and even a very calming rock garden. What a better way to spend a date getting to know someone than int eh sunny gardens of the Lamberton Conservatory, where you can see years of love, passion and hard work come to fruition in the guise of beautiful plant life.

High Falls District

Show your loved one round the hidden gem of Rochester. The High Falls district is home to some of the most atmospheric urban landscapes in the city and has been developed over the past few decades into a leisure area. With large warehouse buildings, this trendy neighbourhood has echoes of the past and is worth a visit for any date due to the bars and atmosphere of the area.

Memorial Art Gallery

Looking to impress an art lover in Rochester? The Memorial Art Gallery is well known as one of the most impressive galleries in an already cultural and artistic city. The art gallery, founded in 1913 as part of Rochester University is one of the celebrated fine arts establishments of the region, whilst also hosting regular events and exhuibitrions of both contemporary and classic artworks. Whether you’re cosying up to a classicist or seducing a sculptor, there’s a diverse collection at the Memorial Art Gallery, as well as a great café and bar to go with it. Set in the vibrant Pricne Street and part of the former University Campus, you’ll find yourself right in the fray of Rochester when visiting the Memorial Gallery.

Abraham Lincoln Park

With a range of activities available in the park, there’s plenty of great things to do in these 180 acres. Located a short drive from Rochester, the Abraham Lincoln Park is one of the best places for skiing, hiking and picnicking, meaning that come cold or warm, there’s a wide range of events for you to take advantage of.

The Rochester Riverside Hotel

Finally, the Rochester Riverside is the perfect romantic getaway for couples and wedding venue packages. With its comfy and spacious bedrooms and scenic views over the Genesee River and central location, you and your loved one will eb all set to explore the city during your romantic getaway.