Worth The Visit? Why Anyone Should Come to Rochester, NY


So, what’s it like to visit Rochester, NY? Well, here are the thoughts of just one visitor, who’s kindly decided to share with us their thoughts on their time spent in our own fair city…

It’s located on the edge of one of the Great Lakes

Gensee river rochester, NY

Located in Monroe County in Western New York State, the northern limits of Rochester pretty much border straight on to the shores of the awesome Lake Ontario. More an inland sea than a lake, when it comes down to it, it’s a fantastic tourist resource with so many activities that take place in the spring and summer months (including boat races, which play an important part in the city’s social calendar), as well as opportunities to observe some of the area’s breath-taking natural beauty – any one of which would make for the perfect spot to have lunch.

The seasons here simply have to be experienced

Yes, the winters in Rochester, NY, tend to be heavy and long and yet, from a visitor’s point of view; it’s all about perspective. You may not do particularly well in the cold; if so, fair enough. But if it doesn’t bother you, winter in these parts are blessed by romantic and pretty snowy scenes (always pack walking boots), which makes for wonderful opportunities to indulge in winter sports for those staying at the likes of the Rochester Riverside hotel – cross-country skiing’s brilliant in these parts.

snow fall in highland park rochester, NY

Admittedly, there’s not much of a spring at all – the seasons’ transitions are fast, indeed – but, although fall’s short too, the blend of all its natural colours are spectacular and, no question, summers in Rochester can be pure bliss. There’s so much to see and do when the warm, warm sun comes out, what with so many music, arts and craft festivals to choose between; sports and activity events on the water; incredible hiking and biking trails, breweries and panoramas with waterfalls and more to enjoy, as well as downtown walks in the enormously pleasant Little Theater, East Avenue, Alexander and Park Avenue areas.

Compact and easy to drive around

man driving car

If you’re used to big cities, you’ll doubtless find Rochester refreshing and, if you’re not used to them, you certainly shouldn’t find yourself overawed. Yes, it’s a drivers’ town but pretty much everything is merely 20 minutes away from wherever you may be – and with that comes an ease to any car journey, definitely when compared to any large-ish North American city. Rush hour in Rochester’s child’s play if you’re used to anywhere like, say, DC, Boston or Atlanta; let alone NYC or LA. It’s feels like it’s forgivably civilized, by comparison!

There’s a multitude of attractions – and a great vibe for visitors

Restaurant table in the garden in Rochester, NY

Finally, you’ll never be stuck for things to see and do here; there are just so many attractions to see in Rochester – as noted, even when the temperatures have plummeted in the icy winter. You’ll come across a movie theatre wherever you turn and there are high-quality restaurants, cafés, bars, galleries and museums within walking distance if you’re staying downtown or just a short car’s journey away if you’re staying anywhere else. Indeed, there’s an ever-growing and ever-active arts/ cultural scene in Rochester, which’ll afford you a colorful, fun even hipster-ish night out, if you’re in the mood. And, of course, just out of town are the likes of breweries, amusement parks and a whole welter of spectacular and gorgeous countryside waiting to be discovered.