Why Spring in Rochester Is Worth the Cold Winter


Winter’s in the west of New York can get very cold indeed. With the beautiful wilderness surrounding Rochester, it’s not surprising that the darker months can get rather harsh when it comes to chilly weather. Regardless, it’s still well worth braving, if for nothing else than the comfort of the Riverside Hotel. On top of this, the worst is behind us, and Spring is on its way. With the recent moving of the clocks forward, more sunlight is on its way, just in time for the blossoming of the spring season. With the added benefit of milder weather, Rochester has become the host of many exciting springtime events. Whether you’re visiting hotel suites Rochester NY for the weekend or the month, there’s plenty going on in this buzzing city.

Rochester Lilac Festival

Rochester Lilac FestivalBased in highland Park, the Rochester Lilac Festival is one of the most popular outdoor events in the city. Taking over the 150-acre arboretum, the lilac festival features over 1800 bushes and 500 different varieties. The Lilac Festival also plays host to live music, food stalls and art installations, making it an all-encompassing event. Taking place from the 10th till the 19th of May, there’s more than a week this May to catch the colour in person.

The Senior PGA championship

Taking place at the Oak Hill County Club from the 21st till the 29th of May, the Senior PGA championship is a golfing tournament for seasoned veterans of the pitch and putt world. With some world class players, this tournament is one of the most attended sporting events in the Rochester calendar, made even better by the sparkling sunshine and pristine courses.

Imagine RIT: Innovation & Creativity Festival

Taking place at the Rochester Institute of Technology, the Innovation and Creativity Festival is a festival of creativity and innovation, all staged by the RIT students themselves. On April 27th, curious and open-minded visitors can enjoy a wide range of exhibitions, demonstrations and presentations on a plethora of cultural topics. With live music, food and other forms of entertainment, this festival is a great way to start the spring and spans topics as far reaching as motorsports, computer technology and sound design for film and TV.

Fairport Canal Days

Closing May and opening June, the Fairport Canal Days is a Rochester based festival with over 200 artisans celebrating the arts and crafts f the Rochester area. Enjoy the fresh air with music filling your ears, with the wide range of live entertainment venues opening across the Erie Canal and Fairport village. There’s truly something for everyone during this buzzing festival, which has been running annually since the mid 1970’s.

CGI International Jazz Festival

With the nearby Eastman School of Music boasting some of the finest musical alumni in the USA, it goes without saying that the CGI Jazz Festival is a staple in the Rochester Calendar. If you are visiting Rochester between the 21st and 29th of June, you’ll find this multi venue festival in full swing across the city.

Genesee Valley

Genesee ValleyThe Genesee Valley is the perfect spot for a bit of hiking. If you’re visiting Rochester during the springtime, then this beautiful park offers up acres of land split up by the gorgeous Genesee River which runs through New York State.