Where to Park in Rochester


Like much of the USA, Rochester is well versed in road travel. If you’re travelling to the city and planning on staying at the Rochester Riverside Hotel for a longer period, it’s a good idea to find a safe and secure place to park your car during your visit. With a lot of great parking spots within walking distance of the hotels, you’ll never be short of safe and secure automobile storage. However long your visit, having a car in the city is both useful and a burden, and finding affordable storage which keeps your mind at ease is no doubt something you’ll want to nip in the bud upon arrival. Below are some of the areas where to park in Rochester Riverside, alongside some of the other city attractions located close by.

Court Street Garage

Located in downtown Rochester, the Court Street Garage is a great place to park if you’re travelling into the city from the I-490. With great access to city sights such as Clinton Square, the Central Library and the Xerox Tower, this is the perfect parking spot for walks through the city and for easy access across the river to the Rochester Riverside hotel. Other nearby sights include the Blue Cross Arena and Manhattan Square Park. On Sundays, the garage is free to use, whilst every other day has a daily maximum of $10.

East End Garage

With a maximum of 1282 spaces, the East End Garage is a short distance from the Eastman School of Music and the Contemporary Art Centre, making it the perfect parking spot for a day of culture in the city. With a range of other venues within walking distance, including the Little Theatre and WHEC TV centre, the East End Garage is safe and secure parking for when you want to be right in the action, especially on weekends, when the garage is free to use.

Genesee Crossroads Garage

Based on Andrews Street, the Genesee Crossroads Garage holds just over 600 spaces, making it a compact yet useful garage for city visitors. Nearby points of interest include Rochester’s Four Corners, where much of Rochester’s government buildings are based. With the Country Office Building and Federal Building just down the road, as well as the Water Street Music Hall across the river, there’s plenty to do near the garage.

High Falls Garage

High Falls Garage is located right next to the Genesee River and is nearby to the Frontier Field Baseball Pitch. This makes it the perfect spot to nab a parking space before the big match, that is if you can nab a place in the 750 parking spots. With City Hall within walking distance and the High Falls Museum close by, the Garage gives you another hot spot for inner city parking. With 2 dollar an hour prices, the High Falls Garage brings you the natural beauty, history and authority of Rochester as soon as you step out of the garage.

Mortimer Street Garage

The Mortimer Street Garage is well placed, being just across the road from the RTS Transit Centre and bringing you right outside the Rochester Riverside Convention Centre. The Mortimer Street Garage is a great place for business travellers and tourists alike, especially with its ample 600 parking spots allowing for great access into the city centre.