Although it’s safe to say that New York State has gone through a crime reduction spree in recent years, it’s also a matter of fact that wherever you visit whilst travelling, there are some rules to keep in mind so as to keep safe during your visit, whether they be health tips, streetwise handiness or where the nearest hospitals and police stations are. Whether with your family or visiting for business, there are a lot of great things to do in Rochester and keeping safe should be of prime importance. Rochester has recently gone through a renaissance and resurgence, leading to a safer city. With crime rates going down, Rochester has seen tourism soar, and knowing how to keep safe is key. Below you can find some tips for keeping safe in the city, some specific to Rochester and some more general.

Keep your valuables safe

Like with any place your travelling, making sure you keep your valuables safe is key to happy travelling. One of the great things about staying at hotels in Rochester NY is that they provide safes for you. On top of this, another way to keep your valuables safe is to make sure that you keep them on you. This could mean wearing a fanny pack or making sure that you have your wallets and possessions secure on your person. This is especially true when in high tourist populated areas, where pickpockets and thieves often prey.

Keep an ID on you


Make sure that you have an ID on you at all times. Whether it’s due to a run in with the police or you need to visit the hospital, an ID will keep any situation you find yourself in as manageable and smooth running. On top of this, it will help you manage your bank accounts, and purchase alcohol, pharmaceuticals and other age limited gifts.

Familiarise yourself with the emergency services

Whenever you visit a new city, make sure you know where to find the emergency services. This will help you keep your peace and mind when travelling, especially if you have an accident. One of the great things is that many of Rochester’s best hotels are located not far at all from police and medical services. Not only is it useful to know where the police and hospital services are, but it is also useful to know your insurance details in case of an emergency.

Avoid Upper Monroe Avenue and Clinton Avenue

Two of the main roads in the city which are notorious for crime are Upper Monroe and Clinton AVenue. Like with any city, there are always going to be areas which are best to avoid. Upper Monroe Avenue and Clinton Avenue are known for their drug use, and with that comes crime. This therefore makes it not a very family friendly area, which doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty to keep you occupied in Rochester elsewhere.

Drug Use in Rochester

One of the problems in Rochester which is currently being tackled is the drug use in the two areas previously mentioned. This has led to a surge in clinics opening up around town helping to wean people off drugs. Although the problem is still serious, it is getting better due to support groups and clinics. As a tourist however, it is best to be aware of the areas where you could run into problems.