Upcoming Events and Exhibitions at Rochester Contemporary Art Center


New York State has always been known for its passion for art in all its forms.

With New York City being the home of such prestigious institutions as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Rubin Museum, it’s easy to see how the Big Apple could overshadow the rest of New York State’s prestigious galleries.

Those taking advantage of the great Rochester hotel deals at our Riverside Hotel are in for a surprise. When it comes to culture, Rochester may not have the size of New York City, but it certainly has galleries to contend with it. From the expansive George Eastman Museum to the independent boutiques of downtown Rochester, this beautiful lakeside city has a lot going for it when it comes to the arts.

One such example is the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, which was founded in 1977. Formerly known as the Pyramid Arts Centre, the Rochester Contemporary Art Center is a unique, non-profit museum that focuses on contemporary artists from across the region, and offers up workshops and opportunities for aspiring and emerging artists. Known as RoCo for short, the Art Center should be on the top of the list of any art lovers staying at our pet friendly hotel accommodation.

What to expect from RoCo

Located on East Avenue, RoCo is a short walk from the Riverside Rochester Hotels and offers up a stunning array of temporary and permanent exhibitions.

The latter includes the popular Makers and Mentors Exhibition, which compares famous art teachers’ works with that of the students they mentored.

Another famous yearly exhibition is the 6 x 6 exhibition, which calls for donations from local students, collectors, and celebrities, all of whom provide 6 by 6 square inch pieces of anonymous artworks. This proves to be a popular community exhibit and has returned every year since 2008.

Temporary Exhibits

 Guests at Rochester accommodation may only have a limited amount of time to explore the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Luckily enough there are currently three unique temporary exhibitions running throughout the next few months.

Take Back the Walls

This exhibition is part of a competition that called out for submissions from artists who also work in galleries and exhibition spaces. Whatever their employment capacity in the art world, these artists have a unique insight into the medium, and the art on display from the 31st August to 21st September certainly reflects that.

Observation Towers

With a mixture of printmaking and sculpture, local artist Heather Swenson has created unique towers of scaffolding and wood, using inspiration from the surrounding environment, these layered structures offer viewers a chance to explore them from all angles, encouraging guests to investigate this textured, patterned phenomenon. The Observation Towers are located around the RoCo until November 3rd.

The White Road by Christina Brinkman

Working mostly in sculptured porcelain, Christina Brinkman’s delicate creations are being presented until the 17th of November at the RoCo. One of the most prestigious working artists of Rochester, Brinkman has worked in a range of mediums including painting and printmaking and is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of technology.

With so much going on at RoCo this month, next month, and every other month of the year, you’ll want to stay nearby. Book your room at Rochester Riverside Hotel now to put yourself in the heart of the action!