Travelling with teens? Family-Friendly Activities in the Rochester, NY


Let’s face it; going anywhere on vacation with teens – whether for a weekend away, a short-break or anything longer –isn’t always that easy. Easily bored and all too often not very motivated, adolescents don’t tend to make for the very best of travelling companions. What’s needed then are a number of teen-friendly, genuinely stimulating activities. Therefore, look for a Rochester NY, activities and things to do around and plan a short break with your family in Rochester, NY.  And, happily enough, should you be planning on staying for a few nights at one of the hotels in Rochester NY (or, indeed, any accommodation in the city), then you’ll find plenty to get up to that’s great for all the family in the Finger Lakes region.

To Wit, Here Are Three Great Things to Do in Rochester NY

Hit the Erie Canal Trail


If your kids are into outdoor pursuits, then hitting the Erie Canal Trail’s one they’re bound to get a lot of mileage out of. Puns aside, what makes the trail so great is not just the fact it offers fine physical activity for a sunny day via peddle bikes, but also that it gives you the chance to leisurely kayak your way down the waterway thanks to the diminutive boats offered by Fairport’s Erie Canal Boat Company. And our tip for when you’re done biking your way along the towpath or kayaking your way down the canal is to hot-foot it to Pittsford Farms Dairy (near Schoen Place); despite its name, this place draws crowds for its scrumptious scoops of homemade ice-cream (be sure to load up with the stuff, so you’ve some to take back to your accommodation; no doubt one of the Rochester best hotels!).

Check out Keuka Lake


Lying about an hour due south-east of Rochester is this delightful ‘finger lake’. At around 20 miles long and, at most, two miles wide, Keuka Lake’s to be found in the (predictably named) Keuka Lake State Park and, should the weather be warm enough, perfect for family days out that make the most of open-water swimming, wild raspberry-picking and light hill-walking. And once you and yours are done enjoying all the scenery and nature-derived activities around the lake, head to the nearby town of Penn Yan for Seneca Farms, where you can enjoy yet more high-quality ice-cream and, for dinner, a dish of fantastic battered fried chicken.

See the sights on Genesee Riverway Trail

Yes, another trail to do, but this one’s a doozy. Thirteen miles-long it may be, yet there’s simply so much to see and take in along Genesee Riverway, which runs from Genesee Valley Park up to Ontario Beach Park on the edge of Lake Ontario to the north. Not only does it take in the pleasant scenery of the University of Rochester’s campus but also the iconic Kodak Building and the Frontier Field sports stadium. That said, you couldn’t choose a better spot for a pause for a snack or even a picnic than at either High or Lower Falls, both of which, yes, afford you fantastic waterfall views. Alternatively, it’s definitely in your interest to stop or, at least, slow down along the serpentine boardwalk at Turning Point Park’s river where it’s more than likely you’ll espy the likes heron, turtles and – those who are eagle-eyed – individual fish. Finally, as mentioned, you’ll reach Ontario Beach Park, which boasts the old-time charm of a pier, boardwalk and classic carousel.


What activities do kids enjoy?

Activities that kids will enjoy, on the top of mentioned above, are:
a) Children Would like to go watching wildlife
b) Take them on a scavenger hunt
c) Picnic in the park
d) Play games with them like ‘hide & seek’, ‘Redlight/Green Light’, or ‘Red Rover’.
e) Play with durt and mud

What can you do for free in Rochester NY?

There are lot of places to visit in Rochester which cost you free entry as, the imported 6 are listed below :

  • Airigami Balloon Adventure
  • Rochester Fringe Festival
  • Festival of food in Rochester
  • New York Museum of Transportation
  • The Strong National Museum of Play
  • Lamberton Conservatory

What is there to do around Rochester NY?

Few important things and activities in Rochester, NY to do that are knowledgeable and fun for kids as well, they are:

  • Memorial Art Gallery
  • RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium
  • Seneca Park Zoo
  • Charlotte – Genesee Lighthouse
  • Cobbs Hill Park
  • Artisan Works
  • Highland Park