Top Tips for Picking the Right Hotel for You


When it comes to comfortable accommodation, the Rochester Riverside Hotel in Rochester, New York is one of the go-to gems of affordable accommodation in the area. Whilst the Rochester caters to all, whether that be families or business travellers, booking the right room and location can be difficult and more often than not, comes down to your personal preferences. We should be uncompromising in the service we expect, after all, it’s what we pay for when we book a room. This is why many online booking services have made it easier, ensuring that there are a wide range of different options and room listings available for their hotels. When it comes to a satisfying stay, wherever you’re resting your head should be exactly what you had in mind, and not come with any surprises. That’s why with our Rochester hotel suites NY, we outline everything you can expect from the room you’re getting.

Below are a few tips on ensuring that you pick the right hotel for your stay, whether with family, friends or on business.

Pick the right area

Finding the right area to visit for your needs can be tricky, especially if catering for a larger group of people. If you are travelling with a lesser physically abled friend, colleague or family member, then you’re better off staying in a more central location. Furthermore, if you’re visiting the city for a particular Rochester wedding venue or event, then it’s best you or your guests stay as close as possible to the event space. The same goes for business meet ups and conventions, as well as sporting and arts events.

How are you travelling there?

Make sure your accommodation is easily accessible from your method of travels station or port. If you’re travelling by plane, find the best route by public transport or rent a car for the journey before you reach your destination. Forward planning is key for an efficient journey.

What’s a necessity and what’s a luxury?

Before you book your room, make sure you’ve made a list of everything that is vital for your room, and what would be nice to have. If you have allergies or need a specific mattress for joint or back problems for instance, then make sure the hotel you’re about to book can cater for that.

What do the most recent reviews say?

Most pages of hotels will advertise their best reviews. Not all a hotels best reviews are necessarily recent through. The best way to gauge the current quality of your hotel is to read and research the reviews from the last six months. This will give you a better idea of what to expect in the current moment.

Know your price comparison and booking websites

Just the same as with the reviews, make sure that you look at the most up tod ate price comparison websites. Cross reference the room prices on there with the prices on the hotel website and find the best value room for your needs. Price is important, especially if you end up dishing out more than you need.

Make full use of your amenities

Good hotels can often come with gyms, gardens and even swimming pools. If you want to get the best valuer for money, make sure you do your research on the hotels amenities and during your stay make the most of it!