Top Facts About the Ontario Lake

Ontario Lake

When visiting Rochester, one of the best areas of natural beauty is nearby Lake Ontario. Often cited as one of the five great lakes of North America, Ontario lake lies to the side of Rochester and acts as a buffer between this New York state city and Toronto on the other side. With a wide range of beautiful scenery in the area, Lake Ontario is a must visit for those staying at the Rochester Riverside Hotel. We thought we’d give you a low down of some of the little-known facts about the area.

Lake Ontario is not named after the state

Contrary to popular belief, Lake Ontario is named after a word in the ancient Huron language which means “Lake of Shining Water”. When you visit the lake, you’ll see that this is a very apt name indeed, the blue water often looking white in the sunshine.

Lake Ontario is just under 200 square miles long

Bordering both the US and Canada, Lake Ontario is also home to Niagra Falls and has both Rochester and Toronto as its major cities.

The lake may be cold

lake ontarioLake Ontario can get incredibly cold, reaching deep minuses during the winter months. If you are visiting during the summer, then the lake water itself is the prime temperature for keeping beer cold. This case was taken to the extreme a few years ago when a Canadian man found a crate of vintage “stubby” bottles full of 30-year-old beer whilst relaxing in the Lake.

But it’s difficult to freeze

Due to the depths of Lake Ontario, the water itself may become freezing but rarely freezes over. The last time the lake actually froze was back in the late 1930s.

Lake Ontario is home to the American eel

american eelLake Ontario is a freshwater lake and therefore has a differing ecosystem to the nearby Atlantic Ocean. The most famous fish in Lake Ontario is the American Eel, which travels thousands of miles to the lake to feed and grow, before returning to the sea to spawn.

The five Great Lakes

There are five great lakes in the region of Rochester and Michigan. Funnily enough, Lake Ontario is the only of the lakes not to be connected to Michigan. The other four great lakes include Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, all of which have their own ecosystems and connect to Lake Ontario by the Niagara River.

9 million people live around Lake Ontario

Ontario LakeIt’s not surprising that there are so many people who live in the catchment area around Lake Ontario. With the nearby Rochester offering up many luxurious Rochester accommodations and Toronto and Mississauga on the other side of the lake, Ontario is an incredibly populated area with thriving industry and booming tourism.

Lake Ontario is a perfect wine country

One of the best things about the fertile lands surrounding Lake Ontario is that it means this is the perfect American spot for wine growing. With many vineyards based around the lake, one of the best things to do in the area is to go on a Lake Ontario wine tasting tour. Better still, with so many great Rochester hotel deals available, you’ll have a comfortable place to stay nearby.

Lake Ontario plays host to hundreds of beaches

There are many leisure beaches based around Lake Ontario, and with such beautiful natural scenery on the landscape, a day trip to one of the hundreds of beaches surrounding the lake will undoubtedly be a high point of your trip Rochester.