Stunning Snaps You Shouldn’t Miss in Rochester


Rochester is a pretty scenic part of the US. With stunning parks, pristine lakes and a city with some of the best architecture in the country, Rochester is well known for some beautiful views. If you’re staying at hotels like the Riverside Hotel, you’ll be perfectly placed for easy access to some of the cities most iconic views. Wherever you’re staying in the city, you’ll no doubt want to distil that perfect memory into image form so that you can remember it forever. Below are some of the most iconic sites in Rochester, giving you some fun and some awe-inspiring shots of the city. Whether you Instagram it or you frame it, there’s plenty of shots to look for in Rochester.

Sesame Street at the Strong Museum

The Strong Museum is one of the countries best museums in the world for understanding children’s toys and the concept of playing. As we grow older, our idea of “playing” might change, but all ages will definitely “play” on Instagram. Whilst visiting The Strong, the national museum of Play, you’ll find a life size replica of the Sesame Street set. Meet Big Bird, Elmo and the whole gang and get photos of your time on Sesame Street. Whether you’re taking a trip down memory lane or you’re introducing your own kids to the golden oldie TV show from your childhood, there’s plenty of vibrant photo opportunities on Sesame Street.

Kodak Hall

Kodak Hall is one of the largest performance venues in Rochester. This incredible hall located in the Eastman School of Music was founded in 1922 for the University of Rochester and hosts some of the most talented classical and contemporary musicians in the Rochester area. Whether you’re looking for a big band dazzle or some cool minimal classical, Kodak Hall will undoubtedly deliver, whilst looking simultaneously stunning. It’s no surprise that this grand art deco style hall will give you some proper vintage feels, it was designed by the photograph developing Eastman Kodak family.

George Eastman Gardens

George Eastman House Garden in Rochester NY

The Gardens outside the George Eastman Museum and house is one of the most beautiful in Rochester. With the garden routinely tended to, it has been restored to its original glory through landscaping. With the grand house in the background, you’ll no doubt want to take a few snaps of this incredible garden and the incredible house which accompanies it.

Eastman Museum Conservatory

eastman museum

Once inside the house, you’ll see a great range of memorabilia from the glory days of the Eastman dynasty. Among these is the beautiful conservatory, which has been decorated in the early 20th century style and is one of the most beautiful parts of the whole house. You’ll be bound to get a great snap in, especially with the large ceiling windows allowing sunlight through. With luscious greenery in the form of house plants cutting through the creamy interior, the Eastman conservatory is well worth a photo. What’s more, the conservatory itself was extended at the request of Eastman, who had another part of the house cut off to be used in the conservatory expansion.

Frederick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge

The iconic bridge which stretches over the width of the Genesee River is one of the most memorable sights in Rochester. Get a photo on the bridge or next to it to really mark out your stay at your hotel suites in Rochester, NY.