Spoilt for Choice: Where to Head on A Winter Date Night in Rochester


It may have been put on the map by the hugely successful technological innovator that was the Kodak company, yet today (and arguably because of Kodak’s influence, in fact; see below), Rochester, NY’s famed as much for it over-spilling with awesome arts and culture venues. And that means that for anyone visiting the city with a loved one (no doubt staying at one of the best hotels in Rochester and fancying a proper date night evening, they’re absolutely spoilt for choice…

Be Refined and Dine at Roux

Selecting a restaurant for a date in this city’s actually a tad tricky because of the multitude of options; that said, Roux’s a top choice among Rochester singles looking love because it provides ample opportunity to explore the city’s gastronomy at its best. Cultured and sophisticated, yet warm and romantic with it too (it’s decked out in warm bistro-style timber tones), it’s truly an ideal venue; boasting, as it does, supreme supper offerings and a terrific wine and cocktail lists.

Explore Artisan Works

Considered an utter gem by locals, this venue’s absolutely packed with eye-catching artworks and fascinating artifacts. A one-time large factory, the face was transformed into the eclectic gallery space it now is and hasn’t looked back since; holding today in excess of 500,000 artworks, all told, so you two will have plenty to talk about. Why not top off the date with a coffee at Starry Nights café – it serves the greatest chocolate croissants in town.

Grab a ‘Genny’ and Catch a Game

The craft brew culture in Rochester’s ever-growing (you can spend a day at one of the several brewing companies, sampling their creations, that are dotted in and around the city), but the favourite among the Rochester people themselves will probably always be the big beast that’s the Genesee Brewing Company. It overlooks High Falls (stunning whatever the time of year), so it’s a simply perfect place to loosen up and get the conversation going. Following this, why not head out to the Blue Cross Arena and spend the afternoon/ evening rooting for Rochester’s hockey team? Perfect, boisterous fun for a very sociable, public date before heading back to your Rochester accommodation.

Test Your Trivia at the Old Toad Pub

Who said quizzing didn’t make for a great night out on date? Whoever did doesn’t know what they’re talking about because getting the little grey cells going and trying to best other couples (as well as, of course, proper trivia enthusiasts) is a whole heap of light-hearted fun in the intimate and cheery environs of the bar that’s the Old Toad Pub on Monday nights. Be sure to enjoy some cosy moments before the quiz kicks-off over a drink or two and some fine pub-food. An ideal venue for snuggling up with your sweetheart too.

Catch a Marvellous Movie at the Dryden or Little Theatre

Finally, Rochester, NY’s nothing if not a prime location for festivals dedicated to all things arts-related, eclectic nightlife venues and great galleries, so naturally – should it be your wont – you’ll have ample opportunity to bump into the avant-garde in our city. And that’s just what you can do with a trip to the Dryden film-house that’s located in the former home of George Eastman himself (the founder of Eastman-Kodak, of course). In addition to the similarly awesome Little Theatre to be found just down the road, the Dryden’s a terrific venue for catching cinematic classics and far rarer, curated foreign films. What’s better than popping out to the flicks? Surely nothing – and Rochester’s the perfect city for it!