Seasonal Tips for Visiting Rochester


Rochester New York is well known for having some of the best natural surroundings in New York. Nestled next to Lake Ontario and just across the 190-mile lake from Canada, Rochester has quickly become one of the go-to tourist destinations on the coastline. One of the great things about Rochester is how diverse it’s climate can be. If you are visiting in the winter, you’ll see a far different landscape to that of the summer.

Unlike other countries and even states in the US, Rochester changes dramatically throughout the year and caters to the seasons as no other city does. If you’re staying at the Rochester Riverside Hotel or any other Rochester accommodation, we’ve created a brief seasonal guide to help you glean the best things to pack and do during your visit.

Winter climate

Winter in Rochester can become very cold indeed, reaching temperatures as low as 14°F. With its icy lake and heavy snowfall, Rochester New York can become a real winter wonderland.

What to wear

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to pack warm. Layer up and bring a good coat with you, and if you happen to be visiting during the snowier days of winter, then a good pair of boots or waterproof shoes will be invaluable, especially if you plan to explore the parks, rivers and lakes of Rochester.

Spring climate

Spring in Rochester is often mild and sees the blooming of beautiful flowers throughout the year. The greenery in parks such as Abraham Lincoln Park and Eastman Park is simply stunning during the spring when temperatures span from 26° F to 70° F in May, with an average rainfall of about nine days a month.

What to wear

Whatever the month of spring, packing a good jumper for the temperamental weather will come in very useful indeed. On top of this, waterproof coats or hats will come in useful if you get caught out on the rainy days.

Summer climate

genesse river rochesteJuly can see temperature highs of 82° F and rarely does the weather fall under 60° F degrees. With rainfall on an average of seven days a month, the summer climate in Rochester promises a great excuse to see the natural beauty of the area.

What to wear

Shorts and summer dresses are essential for the Rochester summer. Whilst interiors are often air-conditioned, business visitors to the Best hotels in Rochester can rest easy in that they won’t get too overheated if suits are mandatory for your visit. For your days off work though, pack light and pack for some glorious summer rays!

Autumn climate

Rochester is a particularly leafy city. With a range of rivers, parks and lakes all in the surrounding area, it’s not surprising to find the full autumn foliage bloom in oranges and reds. The aesthetic of Rochester suits the autumn nicely, and the humid continental climate of the area means that you will be faced with very different temperatures from September to November. Usually, September can reach highs of 72° F, whilst November will see a dramatic fall to lows of 30° F.

What to wear

Depending on the month, you might want to pack light or layered. With October being a particularly beautiful time of year in Rochester, we recommend jumpers and warmer layers, but t-shirts for those sporadic Indian summer days.