Rochester rocks big time!


    Rochester in upstate New York is a popular holiday destination to visit with the family. A nice tranquil getaway, there is plenty to do and explore in this picturesque location for the family or even as a solo traveller

    Rochester has amazing natural beauty will plenty of natural attractions to see in Rochester. There is a good choice of hotels in Rochester, NY catering to different types of travellers.

    Some of the best things to do in Rochester include:

    George Eastman House:

    George Eastman House in Rochester, New York State, USA

    Rochester grew prosperous through the 19th century thanks to businesses like the Kodak Company. Founded by George Eastman in Rochester it now stands at the oldest museum of photography. Movie lovers can enjoy watching films at the Dryden Theatre located in the George Eastman House. It screens classics with famous actors like Michael Keaton and Meryl Streep having graced the theatre.

    Mendon Ponds:

    With miles of hiking trails and an abundance of nature it is a great place to explore for nature lovers. Visitors get to learn about different species of birds of prey and visitors can even feed some of them. The geology of the place is interesting and there even is a natural kettle hole called the Devil’s Bathtub.


    Located along the shores of Lake Ontario in Irondequoit is the popular Seabreeze Amusement Park. It houses the oldest roller coaster in the ISA and next door is the oldest miniature golf course too. Those wanting to spend time beachside can visit hang out at Marge’s and enjoy the sunset in the background.

    While the park is not really like any of the state-of-the-art modern amusement parks it nevertheless is well maintained and has its fair share of interesting rides. The favourite is the wooden rollercoaster Jack Rabbit dating to the 1920s. With its Wurlitzer organ, a carousel building featuring the history of the amusement park and a massive collection of music for the organ, it is an interesting place to visit.

    Festivals galore:

    Rochester has loads of festivals all throughout the year. There are plenty of arts festivals, film festivals, music festivals and lots more. Some of the most visited festivals include the Rochester Fringe Festival and the Jazz Festival among the most attended.  Then there is the brilliant Lilac Festival held in Highland Park perfect to visit on a spring afternoon. Rochester earned the nickname of Flower City with the Lilac Festival beginning in 1898. The Fringe Festival is when Rochesterians let loose with comedy shows, music, theatre, dance and plenty more.

    Strong Museum of Play:

    Those wanting to take a trip down memory lane to their childhood will enjoy exploring the Strong Museum of Play with its video games arcade, dollhouses and old toys etc. A great place to visit for adults as well as kids!

    Rochester Public Market


    The best time to visit the public market in Rochester is a Saturday morning to enjoy the best of local delicacies sold at the stalls and food trucks in the area. While it is supposed to traditionally be a farmer’s market there are plenty of other goods on sale ranging from kitchenware to fancy groceries.