Photo fantastic: where to get snap-happy in Rochester, NY


Quite frankly, owing one of Rochester, NY’s biggest claims to fame, you might conclude that there’s few more fitting things to get up to on a visit to our city than taking a day walking about the place and getting snap-happy in its most photographable haunts. Yes, hometown to the original Eastman Kodak company – and where so much photographic and cinematic camera/ film innovation took place – Rochester’s also a place where impressive sites and stunning natural beauty are pronounced; they blend together to make for some truly awesome photo ops and, of course, selfie moments, should you be in the mood.

So then, here’s a rundown of the very best spots for those who are in town, no doubt staying at one of the excellent hotels in Rochester NY, and like nothing more than having their cameras at the ready…

High Falls

Spectacular is the panorama you’re afforded here; you simply can’t miss out on it, especially if the weather’s fine. Position yourself on the Pont de Rennes bridge or on a balcony of Genesee Brewhouse, one of the country’s oldest still-operational breweries.

Mount Hope Cemetery

A cemetery that dates from the Victorian age and undoubtedly reflect that era’s design ethos, its 196 acres of brimming with lofty hills and picturesque valleys that were millions of years ago created thanks to the naturally awesome trails of glaciers.

Lamberton Conservatory at Highland Park

Thwarted in your photographic quest buy bad weather? Well, on a cloudy day why not pop into Highland Park’s Lamberton Conservatory? Here you’ll discover rooms, nooks and crannies over-spilling with floral displays, cacti collections and reams and reams of greenery. Refreshing, soulful and all the plant-life’s far from camera-shy!

George Eastman Museum Gardens

The museum dedicated to the life and career of the Rochester native who founded the legendary Eastman Kodak company, this venue’s gardens have in recent years been restored so they now resemble the glorious appearance they would have had in the time the site was home to Eastman himself. Expansive and benefitting from meticulous, expert landscaping, you’ll doubtless find taking a snap or two or three impossible to resist.

Wall/ Therapy murals

A project undertaken by the city to beautify and transform its urban landscape, the Wall/ Therapy murals don’t just bless downtown Rochester (so within very easy reach of hotels in downtown Rochester NY), but can be found spread throughout the city; so much so you might fancy tagging along on a walking tour to check out a number of these awe-inspiring works of street art.

Rochester Public Market

Saturday is the best day of the week to sample the delicious delights and hustle-bustle of the city’s Public Market. It’s a place that’s not just ideal for picking up tasty, high-quality fresh produce but also for capturing a moment in time of the diverse, colourful stalls, the eager browsing customers and the all-round vibrant atmosphere.

Frederick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge

Crossing the Genesee River, this bridge is itself an impressive sight, but more impressive still are the panoramas it affords photographers – both professional and amateur – of the Rochester skyline. For the ultimate snap, why not position yourself somewhere along Corn Hill Landing to capture the skyline in the background with the ‘Freddie-Sue’ bridge in the foreground? Why not, indeed!