New York’s Finger Lakes: Fun for Families, Couples, and Solo Travelers


Rochester is located on the pristine shores of the Ontario Lake. One of the Great Lakes of North America, Ontario offers boating, fishing, and watersports, whilst also acting as one of the borders between the USA and Canada. This is often one of the main draws for guests at the Rochester Riverside Hotelthe mix of the metropolitan downtown area and beautiful natural landscapes promising a blend of the rural and the urban and makes for a great vacation.


Whilst Lake Ontario is quite the draw, there are plenty of other waterside retreats to take advantage of in New York State. These include the magnificent New York Finger Lakes. 


Comprising of 11 bodies of water, these lakes are well worth a visit to the state – especially if you’re taking advantage of Rochester hotel deals like ours because the closest lake is only 40 minutes away by car. 


With breweries and wineries located in the area, the Finger Lakes have amassed a great culture around them which attracts plenty of visitors to the region.


Conesus Lake

8 miles long, the Conesus Lake is one of the smallest of the group but closest to Rochester. With watersports, fishing, and hiking prevalent in the area, this is a great day trip for guests at Rochester HotelsDon’t miss the Ring of Fire every July 3rd, when the locals let off fireworks and create a ring of road flares around the lake. 

Hemlock Lake

With a history of hunting and fishing dating back to pre-colonial times, the Hemlock Lake is 7 miles long and has been guarded by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, keeping the lake wild. Whilst boating is allowed in vessels up to 17 feet in length, the areas salmon and varieties of landlocked trout are preserved from fishing. Instead, if you want great seafood then you needn’t look further than our own Rochester Riverside Hotel Restaurant.

Honeoye Lake

4.5 miles long, Honeoye Lake is located in the Ontario County region. This beautiful lake’s name means “lying finger”, and derives from the story of a Native American who’s finger was bitten by a rattlesnake, and thus cut off by a tomahawk. 

Canadice Lake

Just 30 miles south of Rochester, Canadice Lake is one of the most popular for guests at hotels in downtown Rochester NYWith its abundance of trout, which are annually renewed, the Canadice Lake has become a prime location for fishing, whilst the water itself is processed and used as a reservoir for the city of Rochester.

Canandaigua Lake

Canandaigua Lake is one of the largest near Rochester, spanning a lengthy 16 miles. With its clear water allowing visibility of the bottom at up to 50 feet deep, the Canandaigua Lake is well known for its very clean water. Of note is one of only two islands in the finger lakes, Squaw Island, once used by the Seneca people to hide their women and children from invading colonizers.

Seneca Lake

The deepest of the Finger Lakes at 89 meters, Seneca spans 38 miles in length and harbors on its shores over 50 wineries, making it a prime tourist destination for thirsty travelers. 

Which of these lakes are you most interested in visiting? Whatever you decide, the Rochester Riverside Hotel is the perfect base for exploring the area.