Making the Most of Rochester Waterways


Rochester is known for having a beautiful river running through it and makes it a great place to visit for water sport fanatics. Rochester’s natural landscape makes it great for those looking to visit and see some of the best woodland and river systems in the country. With the wide range of experiences, Rochester is one of the best places to try something new. Whether you’re staying at one of the luxury hotels in Rochester or just visiting for the day, be prepared to engage in some of the best water sport activities this side of New York City.

Genesee Waterways Center

With the Genesee river running right through Rochester from the Ontario lake, it’s no surprise that you’ll be able to find a waterways center cropping up not far out of the city centre. The Genesee Waterways Center has a mission statement of building a community who enjoy and help to preserve the river and the sports associated with the beautiful natural surroundings. With world class facilities, the Waterways center aims to cater for everyone.

Bay Creek Paddling Center


The paddling center is a great place to gear up for watersports on the lake and rivers of Rochester. With canoes, kayaking and paddle boards are all on the menu here. Using Bay Creeks center, you can explore the secret wilderness of the Genesee River, giving you the chance to explore individually or with our shuttle trip to Ellison’s Park.

Lock 32 Whitewater Park

This man made white water rafting park is located in the spillway of Lock 32 of the Erie Canal. Here users can learn about white water and flat water kayaking whether old or young, meaning that you can learn from professionals who are well equipped for all skill levels. On top of this, you can keep fit, meet other people interested in the sport.

Lighthouse Kayak Canoe Rental

For a great price, you can enjoy all that the Lighthouse Landing Camp has to offer. With so much on offer, Lighthouse Landing offers a range of kayak and canal rentals which will let you enjoy the natural landscape of New York State alongside family and friends. As an incredibly affordable getaway, you can travel from the hotel suites of Rochester to the rough and ready wilderness in no time at all, especially when you keep in mind that Marathon New York is just a two hour drive from Rochester.

Erie Canal Boat Company


The Erie Canal boat company makes the most out of the wide range of canals in the area, making sure that all with a passion for rowing have a boat to hire. With a wide range of boats on offer, Erie is affordable and approachable, catering to your every canal boat need.

Canadice Lake Outfitters

In the Finger Lakes region of New York, the Canadice Lake outfitters will provide everything you need for a day in the wilderness. From fishing rods to canal boats from wellies to coats, you’re all set for a riveting ride once you’ve stocked up at Canadice Lake. With so much on offer at such great value, all you’ll need to bring is your lunch and a sense of adventure. Whether new to water sports and outdoor exploring or not, you’ll be able to find everything you need from Canadice Lake Outfitters.

Additionally, to make the most of the Rochester waterways and attractions, you can visit Turning Point Park, High Falls, Genesee Valley Park, Maplewood Park and Ontario Beach Park.