Explore Rochester just like a local


The most authentic way to discover a city is to explore it like its local people. This can be done by visiting places that are not so touristy and where the actual natives of the city entertain and enjoy themselves.

To be able to easily access these hidden gems you need to book a stay at one of the best hotels, the Rochester Riverside Hotel in New York. A selection of exclusive and impressive facilities at this hotel makes it an ideal place to stay for travellers visiting the city for work, holidays with family and other purposes. The hotel spoils and pampers it visitors by offering them a complimentary airport shuttle, transport anywhere within 3-mile radius, Wi-Fi and the amenities include a 24-hour business centre, outdoor pool, sauna, well equipped fitness centre, suites and a pet friendly environment.

If you are visiting Rochester and looking for something unique to do that is not listed as touristy and where you witness and experience things the natives do and indulge in, then follow our list below:

The village of Pittsford


Located in the central part of the city, which is close to the above boutique hotel in Rochester, this place is a popular hang-out spot. Featuring the must-try Hungry’s which sells Rochester’s famous Garbage Plate and other delicious food that you should try without any guilt as you are on a holiday. The best place for foodies, here you will find another popular place called the Pittsford Dairy which serves the yummiest homemade ice-cream and chocolate milk. After treating yourself to the awesome food and dessert, you can relax and enjoy stunning views of Erie Canal from the Pittsford Community Library.

The Erie Canal

Erie canal

Historically significant, the Erie Canal beautifully runs through the centre of the village providing breathtaking views on a fall night that is enhanced by the lights from the Schoen Place. From this canal you can venture out to other suburbs of Rochester or get the views of the city. A fanatsttic location for fitness freaks, here you can go for a run, bike, roller-blade or just enjoy a nice walk.

Auditorium Theater


This is the most ideal place in the city for theatre lovers. Showcasing some of the most popular plays and musicals this place will give you a truly memorable experience.

South Wedge

Another great hub for food lovers, this place is home to a variety of good restaurants. Serving different cuisines and the specialties of the city, it is a must try. You can indulge and enjoy at the Butapub, the Historic German House, Boulder Coffee, Cheesy Eddie’s, Starry Nites café for Rochester special lattes, and more to name a few. For shopping some essentials, you can visit the Mise En Place convenience store, and if you happen to be here on a Thursday then you can enjoy the Farmer’s Market of this area.

Fauver Stadium

For sports enthusiasts the Fauver Stadium offers some great field hockey and soccer games to cheer, witness and enjoy.

Kodak Hall

A great place for music lover to enjoy some great music concerts by legendary artists.

Park Avenue

park avenue

A great spot to some festivals and carnivals, this place is also home to some great restaurants ad eating joints.