Date Night Done Right: Where to go on a Date in Rochester, NY


Whether you’re a Rochester, NY native, or merely visiting and staying at one of the Rochester’s best hotels, you’ll not be shy of ideas for venues when meeting someone new in this, one of the most attraction-packed cities in the north east United States.

The following list then is deliberately unsorted, so none of its entries are in any specific order – being, as they are, a combination of romantic, whimsical, inexpensive and left-field ideas for a date. Those you’re tempted by (hopefully you are by one or two) will depend entirely on your taste – with luck, to be matched by that of your date…!

Following are the date ideas in Rochester, NY and the places you can visit with your partner to ensure a romantic date night in Rochester:

Geva Theatre

Tickets are available at a decent price here – and culture’s guaranteed at this venue’s many alternating shows.

Seneca Park Zoo

Romantic? Not in the traditional sense, no, but who can beat a charming stroll through a top-quality zoo with someone new (or even someone you’re meeting for the umpteenth time), checking out the chirruping birdlife, the sagacious big cats and, of course, the cheeky monkeys?

Rochester Museum & Science Center

Geeky it may be, but this venue’s a fantastically stimulating and revealing place, so may actually be ideal for a first – or second or third – date. Apparently, it’s popular as a wedding venue too… something to bear in mind, perhaps?

Memorial Art Gallery

Art galleries are great for dates; it’s, like, a rule. So why not visit one that features work from among the greatest artists in the United States? So inspiring, so fascinating and so visually appealing – just like your date…?

Billsboro Winery

If you fancy getting tipsy on your date (potentially) while doing something more than just visiting a bar, then this place – one of the best wineries in the north eastern US – may prove to be just the ticket. It’s bound to lower your and your date’s inhibitions by just the right amount…

Keuka Lake Wine Trail

Keuka Lake Wine Trail view

More, well, alcohol here… this one is just one of the excellent wineries you might choose in the Rochester area, yet you might as well plump for this option as it’s a ‘trail’ that features multiple wineries and vineyards.

Seabreeze Amusement Park

For those who are young or young at heart, what better for a fun date than a day spent at an awesome amusement park? What, indeed! Fall into your attractive companion after experiencing a dizzy ride, get splashed at the water park (and see your inhibitions drop as a result) and chomp away on cotton candy – who doesn’t love cotton candy? Great fun!

Durand Eastman Park

Durand eastman park view

Ideal for lovers of flora and fauna, this nature park is practically free (a cheap date? Yes, please!) and offers the choice of a drive-through or a healthy, refreshing hike. It’s located on the edge of Lake Ontario, so could see you end up strolling along a beach – what could be more romantic?

Strasenburgh Planetarium

For some reason, there’s something inherently romantic about planetariums – perhaps it’s something to do with being able to stare at glittering, beautiful stars and planets and allowing your awed mind fill with wonder? At this particular one (to be found in the city’s Museum & Science Center, so not far at all from many hotels in Rochester NY), you’ll be able to watch an IMAX movie, an info-packed show or even throw you and your date into a rock ‘n’ roll laser-light show. It might just prove out of this world.