Best Brunch Spots in Rochester


Everyone loves a good brunch, especially when you’re on vacation and enjoying lazy mornings.


With its unique mix of hearty lunch food and wholesome breakfasts, this gourmet meal hybrid has become very fashionable in recent years. Whether you’re an early afternoon or a mid-morning bruncher, the meal has something for everyone.


And the same goes for the restaurants and cafes lining the streets of Rochester, New York.


For guests at our Rochester pet friendly accommodation with a hunch for the brunch, time flexible diners are a dime a dozen. With an impassioned foodie scene in Rochester, in part sparked by the monolith of a meal – the Garbage Plate (it’s not a brunch staple, don’t worry) – brunch menus have been ever-expanding. While Rochester Riverside Hotel doesn’t serve brunch (come back for lunch or dinner, though!), there are plenty of eateries nearby.


We’ve put together a few of our favourites. After all, no matter the reason for your stay in Rochester, there’s always time for brunch!


Brown Hound Downtown

Our hotel in downtown Rochester NY is located close to the trendy Brown Hound ups the cool by being perched inside the Memorial Art Gallery, a unique art space exploring 5000 years of history, made even more special by the mouthwatering brunch menus available. This chic spot also houses its own bakery, ensuring a rustic edge that’s sure to draw in all tastes.


Frog Pond

 Based on Park Avenue, this delectable deli is home to several tasty brunch options. With an extensive omelet menu that includes more cheeses than you milk a cow at and a brunch worthy eggs benedict range, guests capitalizing on our Rochester Hotel deals will find even more at this great value eatery.


Blu Wolf Bistro

 Now here’s something to howl at; one of Rochester’s best burger and chicken and waffle joints also crafts a mean brunch menu. With Hair of the Dog sausages, potatoes, and cheddar perogies, the Blu Wolf is perfect for a real hearty brunch. Whether you’re enjoying a nutritious chicken and avocado Home Run or a cute Fluffy Toast laden with strawberry and blueberry, this is the perfect way to howl away that brunchtime hunger.



 This fine-dining restaurant also offers one of a kind brunch menus. Making the most of their sustainably sourced meats, Lento is a handcrafted experience which only takes on brunch menus once a month, melding the likes of their organic steak with delectable local eggs and handcrafted sausages with cranberry beans and spiced tomato. For the avid brunch lover who loves some depth to their taste palette, this is a must-try.


Locals Only

 This trendy coffee brewer is more than just a hip local hang out. With its organic, healthy brunch menu, you’ll be able to kick start the day with all the vitality you’ll need. With an assortment of veggie options, the quinoa breakfast bowl is a popular treat, bringing together fresh fruit, maple syrup, and mint into one beautiful bowl, sure to kickstart your morning.