Awesome Panoramas: Why You Should Visit Rochester, NY’s Waterfalls


With so many excellent attractions you’d associate with any awesome urban destination (fine dining, fantastic museums, great nights out and so on), Rochester, NY may be said to have a trick up its sleeve in offering visitors great natural beauty as well. Particularly in the shape of various water falls to be discovered throughout its area…

High Falls

(4 Commercial Street 14614)

high falls rochesterAt a truly impressive height of 96 feet to their very bottom, the High Falls are voluminous, indeed – and one of three such falls to discover on Genesee River, the waterway that runs right through Rochester. In fact, the High Falls are located just a couple of miles upstream from the Lower Falls; thus, the former act as the latter’s source.

Corbett’s Glen Nature Park

(415 Penfield Road 14625)

Corbett's Glen parkThis secluded park is a supreme site of sublime natural beauty – and no mistake. Ideal for hiking with extraordinary scenery, it takes in meadows and wetlands as well as waterfalls and a coterie of stunning wildlife, including deer, crayfish, minnows and other native birds of many different species and many more animals and creatures. For those travelling to the trails by car, they’re easy to reach thanks to at least two parking areas – and there’s even the opportunity to wade into the water at the creek, a short way from the park’s falls. An awesome oasis hidden away in the city’s woods – and so easy to reach from downtown accommodation like the Rochester Riverside Hotel.

Lower Falls Park

(50 Hastings Street 14613)

lower fall, rochesterThese falls are located at the perfect spot to offer great views of the gorge down below; so much so that, as the water crashes over the edge of the falls, you couldn’t blame yourself for forgetting you’re slap-bang in the centre of the city at that very moment, just a few moments away from so many high-quality hotels in Rochester NY. Be aware, though, that when water covers the crest of the falls, the air is filled with a heavy mist, so you might want to consider that should you look to take advantage of the grills positioned in the rose garden for outdoor cooking. That said, from this rose garden, you can take a path down to the river on the west side for access to the falls; it’ll take you northwards a short way before reaching the river bank and enabling you to walk back to the falls themselves.

Genesee River Lower Falls at Maplewood Park

(Maplewood Avenue 14613)

Genesse river lower fallSo, as mentioned, to be found just a couple of miles downriver from the High Falls, the Lower Falls are worth visiting for the particularly spectacular panorama of Rochester they offer up. And access to these falls is relatively easy if you approach from the Genesee Riverway Trail, affording you many positions to view the falls (and views of the city beyond). That said, equally excellent positions for taking in the falls are possible beside the bridge that spans Driving Park Avenue, which you’ll find just downriver from the falls themselves.

However you choose to view this waterfall then, you’ll want to park across the road at the Maplewood Rose Garden main parking area; from here, you can access the Riverway Trail with ease without having to cross any streets bustling with vehicles.

Lower Falls is measured at approximately 110 ft. and possesses a very wide crest, which makes it a great site to visit at practically any time of the year, not least given the fact the trails are well maintained and particularly family-friendly.