All You Need to Know About the Blue Cross Arena

woman standing with folded hands in blue cross arena

Rochester’s Blue Cross Arena is one of the most popular sporting and events venues in the area. With its widespread fame and proximity to the Riverside Hotel, the Blue Cross Arena is a favourite for basketball, hockey and one-off events throughout the year. Whatever your tastes, there’s bound to be an event at the Blue Cross Arena to suit your stay in the city. Below you can find a definitive guide to the Blue Cross Arena, alongside some of the best events to catch there.

History of the Blue Cross Arena

The Blue Cross Arena in Rochester is well known as one of the State’s largest sporting and event venues outside of New York City. The 11,200 seated venue was opened in 1955 as the Rochester Community War Memorial, before its renovation in the 1990’s. After five years of redevelopment, the arena was reopened as the Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial. The site of the original development was previously used as factories and industrial depots for tobacco manufacturers and other companies and the first regular users of the Blue Cross Arena were the Rochester Royals NBA basketball team, who used the space for their first two seasons in play.

Sports teams

Over the years,the Blue Cross Arena has been home to a wide range of sports teams. This is not surprising, as a major New York State city, Rochester has built up a plethora of major league sports teams, and with the highly competitive culture of the US, we need great venues in which to present them to the public.

Rochester Knighthawks

The Rochester Knighthawks are a Lacrosse team from Rochester who managed to reach the playoffs in the first 13 seasons of their existence. Having begun their life in 1995, the Knighthawks were the first US Lacrosse team to win three consecutive championships and over their two decades existence in Rochester, managed to build up quite a fan base. Presently, the Knighthawks have been sold to a team in Nova Scotia, where they will play their 2019 season.

Rochester Americans

Also known as the Amerks, the Rochester Americans are an ice Hockey team who are currently the fourth oldest in the American Hockey League. The 64 year old team are as old as the Blue Cross Arena itself, and have grown with the centre. The team has also held 6 titles in their lifetime, and are one of the most popular teams in the East of the US.

The Rolling Stones 7 Minute concert

The Rolling Stones 1965 concert in Rochester was shut down after just six songs due to the rather conservative police force worrying about Mick Jagger stripping off his shirt. With 4000 people in the audience, it became one of the most famous gigs in their history as police began to shut down the venue in the wake of a near riot, caused by hysterical fans. This has since gone down in the history books as one of the more amusing footnotes in the history of the Blue Cross Arena.

Places to eat near Blue Cross

The ROCburger on Main is one of the most popular burger joints in the Blue Cross vicinity, and is located on the site of the Riverside Hotel. If you are visiting Rochester for a Blue Cross event, the great food, comfortable accommodation and incredible riverside views are more than enough reasons to visit.