3 Exhibitions to Check Out at The Memorial Art Gallery

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The Memorial Art Gallery is one of the major highlights of Rochester, and if you’re staying at our hotel then you’re within easy reach.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the best exhibitions to check out during your visit.

What is the Memorial Art Gallery?

The Memorial Art Gallery celebrates great art, including artwork with ties to the local area. Whether you’re in town for leisure, for business or even attending a Rochester wedding, you’re sure to find something which sparks your imagination. 

Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau

Until 19th January 2020

This exhibition focuses on the work of Alphonse Mucha, who is noted for his role in the French Art Nouveau movement.

The event showcases the role color played in his work, and his influence over the movement as a whole. Memorial Art Gallery will be hosting more than 80 unique works by the artist, including everything from drawings to rare lithographs.

For fans of the Art Nouveau movement or visitors simply eager to learn more while staying at Rochester Riverside, this is the perfect way to get involved in a very special exhibition.

De’VIA: Manifesto Comes of Age

Until 16th February 2020

The De’VIA exhibition marks the 30th anniversary of an artistic movement. First created during the 1980s, this movement seeks to actively explore the experience of deafness through a unique and knowledgeable new lens.

During the last three decades, a great deal of artwork has been created under this banner, and the Memorial Art Gallery is proud to present a collection of some of the finest pieces. Rochester is noted as having one of the largest communities of deaf individuals in the United States. This is a fitting exhibition for anyone who wants to understand more about this disability, as well as a chance to see some truly special art.

A trip here would also be a great way to impress your colleagues with your artistic knowledge while taking advantage of meeting room rental in Rochester.

The Path to Paradise: Judith Schaechter’s Stained-Glass Art

16th February – 24th May 2020

This exhibition is the first major assessment of Judith Schaechter’s stained glass artwork, and provides an incredible artistic feast for the eyes.

The pieces will be available to view until the end of May 2020, and there are around 45 items to explore, including stained glass panels and information on the artistic process which helped create them. For guests enjoying hotel deals in Rochester NY, this is one unique event you won’t want to miss.

Other things to do at the Memorial Art Gallery

As well as great art and exhibitions, this space is also home to a popular store where you can pick up everything from creative books to small works of art. In addition, the venue runs brunch events every Saturday and Sunday for the ideal way to relax and unwind.